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Historical Geography Of The Holy Land, Especially In Relation To The History Of Israel And Of The Early Church (Revised Edition)


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This edition (the 25th) is described as ‘revised throughout’. The new material includes tracing “the successive stages of General Allenby’s campaign of 1917-1918 (in conjunction with the Arab advance northwards from the Gulf of Akabah)”, and noting recent Jewish immigration and increases in agriculture and woodland. There is a wholly new chapter on Land of Edom. Book 1, The Land as a Whole, Book 2 Western Palestine, Book 3 Eastern Palestine. Appendices: Some Geographical Passages and Terms of the Old Testament; Stade’s Theory of Israel’s Invasion of Western Palestine; The Wars Against Sihon and Og; Bibliography of Eastern Palestine; Roads and Wheeled Vehicles in Syria; List of the Jewish Colonies. With 8 maps, all intact, including general map of Palestine in rear pocket. 744 pages including Appendices and indexes. Condition: Boards bumped and worn, significant underlining to the text, foxing to verso of maps, but maps themselves in clean, bright condition.