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Between Two Wars and After, Tom Chipperfield’s Account of Old Oulton and Oulton Broad


Author/Editor: Tom Chipperfield
Binding: Paperback
Size: 8vo
Overall condition: Very Good
Book weight (kg): 0.262

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No publisher or date- presumably a private publication. (Mr Chipperfield has an entry on the BBC’s WW2 People’s War website, dated 2003, where he mentions ‘recently’ writing the book, which gives some idea of the date). A good-quality paperback, illustrated from period photographs, which although printed in the run of text, are reproduced in good quality. Tom Chipperfield worked as a nurse, (at a time when men who took up nursing were definitely referred to as ‘male nurses’), starting in the mid 1930s and continuing into the Second World War. He served in the RAMC in France, Africa and India. He retired from nursing in 1979 and developed his involvement in local politics, as a Labour Party activist. With lots of period detail that gives a feel of life in the times of which he writes. Condition: Almost as new.